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Estrogen improves the elasticity of blood vessels, just as it improves the elasticity of your skin and vaginal tissue.
When your heart pumps... Your blood vessels NEED to EXPAND. They expand by the elastic tissue that is inside the blood vessels and this elasticity is maintained by Estrogen. When the vessels can expand with each beat of the heart, your blood pressure remains low and normal. This benefit of Estrogen is why women have lower risk of heart disease than men. Our Estrogen helps maintain this elasticity.
Imagine what it would be like if we lost the elasticity of our blood vessels. With each pump of the heart, the blood would be pushed out into "PIPE-LIKE" stiff vessels - and thus the blood pressure would go up!
Think of a hose that you turn on at the faucet. If the end of the hose is blocked off and you turn on the water, the water can't escape. That's what our vessels are like! It's a "CLOSED" system.
Now think about what happens after the hose has been blocked off for a little while. If the hose is unable to expand because it is stiff and rigid, the pressure goes up and up and up until finally the hose bursts!
Without Estrogen, our blood vessels lose their valuable elasticity. The blood pressure then rises causing heart disease as well as stress on all the organs that are dependent on healthy blood pressure - like the BRAIN, KIDNEYS, BOWEL and so forth!
And that's not all Estrogen does for our vascular system! Estrogen also decreases LDL - the bad cholesterol that causes plaque build up inside blood vessels. AND, Estrogen increases HDL - the good cholesterol.
So in addition to improving the elasticity of our blood vessels, it ALSO decreases plaque buildup that causes heart attacks!
Estrogen HELPS Your Heart... AND Brain, AND Kidneys, AND Bowel, AND every single organ in the body... because every single organ in the body depends on a healthy blood pressure AND a good cholesterol ratio.
That's your Physics lesson for the day!

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