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What Exactly ARE Hormones?

Hormones are simply chemical messengers!

There are actually over 50 different known hormones in humans and probably many more yet to be discovered. Hormones are made inside of different organs, called glands, in the body. For instance, the thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones, the adrenal glands make different adrenal hormones, and the ovaries, (or testicles in men), make sex hormones, like Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone.

When you put all these different glandular organs together in one group, they make up an entire system in the body called the Endocrine System.

The Endocrine System is just like any other system in the body, relying on all the different parts of the system to work in unison.

For instance, the Nervous System includes the brain, spinal cord, and over 100 billion nerves that exit the spinal cord and go to every organ, muscle, tissue and square millimeter of your skin.

The Gastrointestinal System starts with your mouth, through your esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine and out the other end through the anus. The pancreas, liver and gallbladder organs are also part of the Gastrointestinal System.

The Cardiovascular System includes the heart, and over 60,000 miles of arteries and veins which carry the blood throughout your body. It’s through the blood that all of your nutrients and life sustaining oxygen travel to nourish everything from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes!

In fact, everything travels through your blood – including immune cells that fight infection and cancer, and your valuable Hormones which bring instructional messages to every cell of your body.

So just like all of these other systems in the body relying on one another, the Endocrine glands make the hormones which are secreted into the bloodstream where they travel through the vessels to all the other organs, muscles, bone, brain and skin, where they interact and deliver the messages that each Hormone was designed to deliver.

Hormones are simply chemical messengers which travel throughout the body to deliver messages that help the organs and cells perform their function.

While all of this is going on in each organ and cell, the organs are also talking to each other through these Hormone chemical messengers, and keeping each other “up to date” on their individual needs.

The scientific name for this is Homeostasis – which simply means Balance.

Questions? Ask away!

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