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Applying Bioidentical Topical Creams!

The most critical hormone application mistakes!

Right now, Lets talk about the TWO most common mistakes women make with SHOWERING and Bioidentical Hormones.

1. Moisturizing their skin with lotions before applying their Bioidentical Hormones.

This is a real problem because the hormones are fat soluble. They WANT to snuggle up and absorb into the easiest fat around. So they will do so with the easiest and closest fat soluble substance possible.

If your skin has a layer of lotion on it, the hormones will stay on the surface of your skin all snuggled into the lotion that also is laying on your skin.

If you apply lotion to your skin and then apply hormones with the same bare hands (instead of using gloves) the hormones may never even make it to your skin because they will PREFER to just absorb in the lotion on your hands!

So you won't absorb your hormones very well at all if you are moisturizing the same places you are putting your hormones or if you are applying hormones with bare hands that have cream on them!

2. Moisturizing soaps! Even moisturizing soaps can leave a film of an oil based moisture residue on your skin preventing adequate absorption of your hormone creams. This isn't as potent as a freshly applied layer of lotion after you get out of the shower, but these soaps (like Dove Moisturizing soap and many others) can be problematic.

The winter is a common time for a lot of disappointment too because women are moisturizing far more frequently AND more aggressively because the weather is dryer and colder causing our skin to be dryer.


1. After your shower, apply your HORMONES FIRST - WITH GLOVES!

2. After applying your hormones, apply your lotion to all the areas of your body SKIPPING the locations you have just applied hormones.
Make sure you do it in this order So you don't forget which part of your body you should avoid lotions! Young Hormones is also moisturizing, so the skin that has your Hormone Creams STILL is benefiting from a moisturizer too!

3. Allow your hormones to absorb for at least 10 minutes - preferably 15 minutes before putting on any tight fitting clothes. Loose fitting clothes can be put on within 10 minutes or sooner as long as they are loose and not rubbing against the skin you just applied the hormones to.

4. Doing your face and drying your hair AFTER applying hormones is always better because your hormones have a chance to absorb.

5. In the evening, apply hormones to areas at least 15 minutes before going to bed.

6. The neck is a Great place to apply hormones in the evening. In fact, the back of the neck may actually have additional benefits of calming and restful sleep due to the area having fast absorption and direct effect on one of the Cranial Nerves called the Trigiminal Nerve.

7. Remember to rotate sites of application: Here are 7 sites to use:
a. the Inner upper arms, biceps and triceps
b. the inner thighs
c. the backs of the thighs
d. a little can go behind the knees - but not all of it
e. the lower part of your back where your sacrum meets your lumbar area (the belt line)
f. the sides and outer halves of your buttocks area
g. your neck - including the BACK of your neck for the benefits mentioned above!

8. Remember hormones can be transferred to other people and pets. ALWAYS USE GLOVES. You only really need to use one glove with each application because you only need to use one hand.

Questions? Ask away!

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