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Achieve Hormone Balance start with a Simple Saliva Test

By testing hormones, you eliminate the “guess work” and get to the root of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Hormones are tricky. Sometimes the symptoms of a hormone being too high or too low can look and act the same. This means that you could have the same symptom with a high hormone level and you could with a low hormone level!  Symptoms also often overlap, and what you are feeling could be an entirely different hormone than an educated doctor would guess.  And sometimes it is simply an imbalance between a few hormones combined.

Unless you are actually testing your exact levels, all you are doing is giving your best-educated guess. This is not to say you won’t see improvement in your symptoms, but it’s also not a targeted way to get long-term results.

You see, the levels of hormones inside your blood vary greatly throughout your life AND even throughout your day!  And unfortunately, standard blood laboratories only provide reference ranges that include ALL normal levels that represent both the young and old and any time of day.  This makes for very unreliable blood work and provides very little information to a doctor.   Many doctors often decide not to test levels at all, and correctly inform you that blood testing is not accurate.  They know that when they do test your blood, they are mostly still guessing, since these limitations occur in venous blood testing.

However, fortunately 25 years ago, Functional Medical, once known as Anti-Aging Medicine, was born!  Medical doctors from all over the World who knew there must be a better way, came together to be on the forefront of slowing down the aging process and to find holistic methods to care for people by eliminating the ROOT CAUSE, instead of just treating symptoms with drugs, often causing more unwanted side effects. 

Since this time, Functional / Anti-Aging Medicine has been the fastest growing specialty of medicine in the World.  And Functional Medicine physicians today undergo further years of training after medical school and residency.  It is here in our Functional Training, we discover the critical value in proper Saliva hormone testing!

Most women have no idea that their hormones are at the root of how they look and feel throughout their lives.  And the worst part is that women don’t realize that how they look and feel directly effects how they act, and this in turn effects their entire family, friends and co-workers.

This is a critical part because our first hormone actually start declining 15 years before menopause, leaving us frustrated, tired and disappointed before we even feel our first hot flash!

Hot flashes are the defining symptom that most women expect as their hormones decline, but they are only one symptom, and almost never the first symptom either!  Women are so busy with their lives that as we start to experience changes in our hair, skin, appetite, sleep, mood, and physique, we often think our symptoms are actually just because we are so busy and our plates are so full!

Certainly, full plates don’t help anyone, but the fact that our first hormone to decline actually starts heading “south” a decade or more before hot flashes are experienced, most women are actually in total darkness over what is causing the slew of uprising symptoms.

AND what they don’t know is that the first hormone to decline is not only at the Root Cause of many hormone imbalance symptoms, it is also the Most Critical Estrogen Balancing hormone.  Sadly, most women at this time are totally unaware that they are entering a dangerous zone for their Hormone Health, called “Estrogen Dominance.” 

You see, Progesterone is the first sex hormone to decline a decade or more before hot flashes start occurring!  And it is Progesterone that is our most critical Estrogen balancing hormone, keeping it in check.  Though Estrogen is an amazing hormone for women, and the key hormone to keeping our bones, brain, heart, skin, hair, and metabolism strong, it also must be balanced with its counter-hormone, Progesterone, or Estrogen Dominance takes over. 

Estrogen Dominance occurs when Estrogen levels are not as low as our Progesterone levels, and Estrogen is therefore running wild without the proper balance of Progesterone.  

Hormone AccuMAP-5

Estradiol E2, Estrone E1 Progesterone DHEA-s Progesterone/Estradiol ratio

Too much estrogen can wreak havoc on your whole body. It can cause things ranging from fatigue and anxiety to fibroids, endometriosis, and abnormal periods.  High levels of estrogen may also put women at higher risk of blood clots, stroke and heart palpitations. 

And this is not even the worst of it.  High levels of estrogen, without adequate Progesterone balance, can also put you at a higher risk of some other very serious conditions. For example, elevated estrogen levels are a risk factor for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. And according to the American Cancer Society, Estrogen Dominance can also increase your risk of endometrial cancer, which is cancer in the lining of the uterus.

And Progesterone is not only the critical balancing hormone to Estrogen, it is also our “calming” hormone that increases a chemical in the brain that helps us sleep soundly and stay calm during stressful situations!  Now you can see why you used to be able to take care of a full plate of “to do’s” much more easily and calmly than you may be facing today! 

It’s about the individual hormones AND the balance between our hormones as well!  Not testing hormones means not addressing the dangerous inevitable imbalance of hormone decline long before menopause, and living with prolonged biological chaos, until finally reaching the other end of complete depletion.

Living with symptoms of depleted hormones is no longer necessary with the research and ease behind home saliva testing and simple balanced natural bioidentical hormones that are now available over the counter!  The times have never been better!  Putting US WOMEN in control of our own lives.

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