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7 Ways to Fight Fatigue during Menopause! Turn Up the Energy!

Constantly feeling tired is a common complaint for many menopausal women.

Fatigue is a common menopause complaint, especially in the early stages of menopause, as your body adjusts to its new chemistry.

In fact approximately 55 to 75% menopausal females report some degree of insomnia or sleep difficulty. There are several reasons that may lead to sleep difficulty due to menopause and in turn increased fatigue.

Here are a  few things you can do to increase energy during menopause.

  1. Exercise. It’s difficult to think of exercising if you are already drained of energy. But if you keep moving it’s amazing how much better you will feel with even short bursts of exercise. Once you start you will feel more energized and will want to naturally increase the time you exercise. A simple walk in the morning to get you started or a walk after dinner. Don’t push yourself, just aim for 10 minutes a day as a starting point and increase to at least 30 minutes a day.
  2. Stay Hydrated. With the high amount of tea and coffee being consumed we often do not think that perhaps the reason for our fatigue is due to dehydration. Tea and coffee are both diuretics which increase the rate at which fluid is lost from your body. Make sure you are staying hydrated. It is so important to get plenty of water every single day!
  3. Increase Nutritional Supplements. You may be eating a good diet, but the foods you are eating may not contain the nutrients you need to meet your deficiencies. Be sure you are getting a multi-vitamin and enough iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium.
  4. Healthier Diet. If you are not eating a healthy balance diet your good choices could be causing you to drag and be sluggish. Busy lives sometimes cause us to not enough as well and sometimes “grabbing a quick meal” feels like the only choice and you don’t get enough of the protein and nutrients you need for the energy to get you through the day.
  5. Lower Stress. High Demands cause Stress, anxiety and being worried can weigh you down and make you feel emotionally as well as physically drained. Find time everyday to relax.
  6. Self Care.

Start taking care of yourself.

  • Learn to say no. Say no more often to others and say yes more often to yourself.
  • Fatigue is a sign that you are not taking care of yourself, so listen to your body and take heed.
  • Relax and make life more simple. It does not have to be complicated.
  • You are in control.
  1. Test and Balance Hormones. Your changing hormones during menopause will drain you of energy. Depleting estrogen levels impacts your sleep cycle and the quality of sleep during menopause. Women who have previously slept soundly may now experience a big change in sleep habits. Estrogen helps in regulating the levels of cortisol in the body. With substantial decline in estrogen, the feedback control on the cortisol is lost, resulting in heightened fatigue, mood disorders and depression. 

Think about these 7 ways to help with your fatigue. Improve your lifestyle, test your hormones and balance estrogen, exercise and improving your diet will make a SIGNIFICANT change in YOUR ENERGY LEVEL!!! Decide today to make these changes and see the difference in just a few weeks if not sooner.

Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Bioidenticals. Balanced Gut.


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