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Free Booklets and Resources

Please Enjoy Dr. Karen's Collection of Booklets and Resources Free to Download. 


Bring Back the Youthful You - 3 Easy Steps to Restoring Your Hormones 

Experience the Deepest Most Delicious Sleep Possible - 25 Helpful Suggestions to Melt in Your Bed! 

Everything you Need to Know to Get the Most out of your Young Hormone Creams - How Your Creams are Packaged, How to Apply Your Creams, Best Time to Apply Your Creams, Where to Apply Creams and More. 

Everything you need to know ABOUT DHEA!

Dry Down There? Feel Like Yourself Again - Happy Hoo Hoo - ReBuilding. Restoring. Vaginal Health

CLICK HERE FOR HAPPY HOO HOO Bioidentical Hormone Products

The Truth About Inflammation


Understanding Leaky Gut - What you Should Know for a Healthy Gut

Get the GLYCEMIC INDEX FACTS - Not all Calories are Created Equal 

The Best (and Worst) Fats and Oils to Optimize Hormones, Heart, Immune and Brain Health 

 - Food is Always the Foundation of our Health

Heal Arthritis Naturally 


10 Key Points on How to Have "JUST ENOUGH" Sugar Stores to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle!


12 Ground Rules to Shed Pounds Quickly and Easily 

How to Choose the Best Hormone Test Kit for You


How to Transition for Oral Contraception Pill to Young Hormones Bioidentical Hormones - Healthier Choice of Hormones for Your Body


The Truth about Bioidentical Hormones - Your Energy and Vitality Critically Depend on Balanced Hormones 


7 Ways Your Sex Hormones Keep you Young and Vibrant


SUPER SECRETS to Midlife Weight Loss - Burn Fat and Lose the BELLY! 


Hormone Balance Wellness Plan Library - How Sex Hormones, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone play important roles in body weight, 16 Debilitating risks you take when you ignore your hormones and MORE!


Best Restaurant Choices - FAST FOOD Included! On a Diet and Confused What to Order? Here's a Guide to Making the Healthiest Choice at Restaurants including Fast Food.

109 Ways to Increase Immune Function