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Menopause: When to Use WMS Bioidentical Cream

Here is a general guide on Using Bioidentical Creams

There are 8 to choose from. Below is a chart that shows what each cream supports.

Here is more about PROTECT, HEAVEN and SUPPORT. To learn more and detertime which is best for you CLICK HERE for WMS CREAM SELECTOR. Answer a few questions to determine the best BIOIDENTICAL CREAM FOR YOU!

Any of the creams can be used with the Happy Hoo Hoo (our vaginal suppository for dryness "down there"):

1. PROTECT: Typically used in your 30's and 40's when you start experiencing feelings of fatigue, irritability, and intermittent sadness.

This is the time your Progesterone declines rapidly - effecting your sleep, energy levels, and motivation.

Protect also helps you STAY safe by preventing Estrogen Dominance. That's why we named it PROTECT - it has Bioidentical Progesterone only.

2. HEAVEN: Typically started around 4-5 Years Before Menopause and used either "forever" or until switching to "Support".

Since the average age of Menopause occurs at 51-52 years old, you're likely to find Heaven to be the right Bioidentical Cream for you starting around age 47-48.

This stage is called Perimenopause. It's the time you start noticing a more Rapid Onset of Aging. If you didn't start use a Progesterone cream during your Premenopause years (your 30's and 40's), you likely are still experiencing all the symptoms of PREmenopause - like fatigue, irritability and lousy sleep... and NOW you're starting to feel like you're aging more rapidly - noticing more wrinkles, saggy skin, muscle loss with flabbiness, and foggy thinking.

In fact, it's pretty common to experience frustration with things you once found quite simple - like coming up with the right words, and managing a number of things at once.

And You might start experiencing hot flashes and/or night sweats during this time too.

HEAVEN has two forms of Estrogen at an 80/20 ratio of Estriol and Estradiol - called BiEst E3/E2. It also has balancing Progesterone in it, of course!

HEAVEN is perfect to use for 10 YEARS AFTER Menopause. And, If you are fairly thin, don't smoke, no history of breast cancer, and have a good diet... staying on HEAVEN for life may be Perfectly Heaven! We doubt I'll be ever changing from our Heaven!

Fat cells, toxic chemicals and poor nutrition increase any woman's risk of breast cancer, so if you keep these things in check, HEAVEN with BiEst and Progesterone can be used for life.

If you struggle with being overweight, smoke, drink more than one drink per night, have a strong family history of breast cancer, OR have a poor diet, you are better off using SUPPORT starting about 10 years POST menopause.

3. SUPPORT: Typically used starting 10 years after Menopause (PostMenopause). This lovely cream has only one type of Estrogen: (E3), Estriol which is our most gentle and weak Estrogen, providing ongoing support to your skin, hair, bones, joints, heart, brain, thyroid and other levels. And of course, it also has balancing Progesterone too! You can't go wrong!

The time to start or switch to SUPPORT usually occurs around age 60.

We hope this helps all of you who don't feel like testing their hormones to start off! And this is perfectly fine. We really LOVE it when women test their levels and get on the exact right cream(s). But if you don't test first, and instead go by these General Guidelines... you'll be GREAT! Somewhere around 3 - 6 months after starting them... will be the perfect time to check your levels to assure you've got it just right.

Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Bioidenticals. Balanced Gut.


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