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My Greatest Gift to You 🎁 You Must Accept


So EXCITED about this GIFT! 

In the midst of the rapid changes and challenges we all are currently experiencing, I found myself seriously contemplating what my greatest gifts are… and how I could share them with You, right now, beyond anything I have ever done in the past. 

What is my place in helping You? What can I do for you better than anyone else I know?

It came to me rather quickly, though ever so humbly.  I risk saying this in embarrassment because I am truly grateful and humble for this gift, and cringe at the thought of being looked at as conceited.  But today… there is no room for me to hide my talent.

When it comes to women’s hormone balance, Sex, Adrenal, Thyroid and GUT hormones… I have never met another doctor able to assess a woman’s needs by evaluating her labs with the symptoms she is experiencing and create a successful, strategic plan for her… as well as I can.  I’m sure there are doctors gifted in this besides me… but I also know they are few and far between.

FOR YOU… I am here. 

Balanced Sex, Adrenal, Thyroid and GUT hormones are critical to Your Overall Health.

From Dementia to Arthritis to Heart Disease. 

From Being Fulfilled, Being Sexy, Being Joyful. 

From Losing Weight, to Enjoying Deep Sleep, to Being Energized All Day Long.

So, here is my Gift to You!  To Help You as Much as I Can. You may have purchased a hormone test kit and custom report with me in the past, and NOW AT THE SAME COST I am adding TWO amazing BONUSES!

  • Bonus One - Choose ANY TEST, (including THYROID hormones, CORTISOL hormones and SEX hormones) and get a custom report for any and all tests you choose!

  • ​​​​​​​Bonus Two - My 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! This means you receive your report within 7 business days of us receiving your labs… or you get your money back in full for the REPORT.​​​​​​​

This is NOT a computer generated or automated report! This is my personal assessment of Your Labs and Symptoms – as if you were sitting in front of me in my office!  I provide you a plan of action with recommendations customized individually just for you!

This is my GIFT to You.  By helping you assess ALL of the hormone systems, Sex, Adrenal, Thyroid and Metabolic… to help you improve your sleep, experience more joy, lose weight far more easily, gain crazy energy, boost your sex drive, and improve your overall general health. ALL of which play a part in Optimizing Your Immune Function!

Offer ENDS THURSDAY at 11:59 PM EST!
 So, don’t delay!  Please Give Yourself This Gift!  I’m here for You! 

With Love,  ❤️
Dr. Karen


Here's how it works ...

1. You purchase any test kit from the site and choose from 1 of 2 Custom Reports.
2. When the test kit arrives at your home - you complete the test and send to ZRT. 

3. When you receive your results - send them by email to and include your current hormone regimen. In 7 business days you will receive your custom report or you get a full refund for your report with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

This is so EASY and MY GIFT to you to get you started in Overall Wellness! 

Easy as 1- 2 - 3





And here's ONE MORE BONUS ...

Because we all have women in our lives who WE KNOW can benefit from this (a friend, mom, sister, aunt, daughter), how about one more bonus ... "ADD A FRIEND".

Help a friend and we will help you 
with a one time 15% off Coupon to use towards any Young Hormones Product. WOW! That is a lot of information BUT such an EASY thing to do that is going to help so many.  AND as you already know ... that is my MISSION! I am here to help as many women as possible with ...
Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Hormones. Balanced Gut.

Questions? Ask away! info@drk

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