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Why You Feel So Badly when Your Adrenal System is in Need of a Tune Up

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Why You Feel So Badly when Your Adrenal System is in Need of a Tune Up

Why You Feel So Badly when Your Adrenal Hormone System is in Need of a Tune Up.

It's not just one system. The Adrenal glands are basically those glands in your entire hormone system, (called the Endocrine System) that take care of all the other systems. Every other organ and system in your body is dependent on high functioning, fine tuned Adrenal Glands.

Your Adrenal System is in charge of keeping you "in shape" and they have been trying to do just that for years... But when the Adrenal System never gets a break, (or a rest), it just can't keep up any more. 

For midlife women, Adrenal Fatigue is even more of a challenge because our sex hormones start to plummet - starting with Progesterone decline which then disrupts our sleep and moods and worsens everything. THEN it's Estrogen's turn. Estrogen starts fluctuating up and down and then finally just spirals downward and never returns to normal for the rest of our lives.

These hormone changes play their little games on our bodies (and brains) and we start feeling achy and even more tired, unmotivated, often experiencing weight gain without any change in what we eat.

THIS then just sets the ball rolling downhill at accelerating speed with what seems like a broken braking system! More fatigue, more weight gain, more exhaustion.

When a woman ends up in Adrenal Fatigue, it's not just one system being effected, it's usually more than one.

Fixing SEX HORMONES is Critical in Getting your Life Back on Track and getting the Adrenal Dysfunction Corrected.

You're definitely not alone! 

YOU can get BACK TO THE TOP! You CAN get your life back. You CAN start living the life you imagined when you were younger.

But it doesn't just resolve on it's own. YOU are the master behind straightening out what needs to happen from here.

Sleep like a contented baby and play like a carefree puppy so you are recharged with energy and passion and can truly love your life, enjoy the day-to-day joys of living, and successfully live out the dreams and aspirations you’ve always had and know you can achieve, to make your world a better place.

Women control the aura of our environment!  How we act is dependent upon how we feel, so you have to feel great to really achieve your goals!  

When your hormones are balanced you feel great. And that’s how you become great, create an environment that feels great and changes the entire future of everyone you encounter. When you feel awesome, you really do make the people around you happier and healthier. These ripple effects of your hormone balance really do make the world a better place!

Women are amazing beings! And we hold the real happiness of our world in our hands.

Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Bioidenticals. Balanced Gut.


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