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How to Choose the Right Happy Hoo Hoo for You



Choosing a Happy Hoo Hoo is EASY!

Ask Yourself:

1. Did my doctor recommend a Vaginal Estrogen treatment?

YES... CHOICE IS EASY: Choose ReStoring Formulation with ESTRIOL and Progesterone

NO... Move to the next question:

2. Do my partner and I have spontaneous intimate times together - like "spur of the moment" (instead of a pretty much "planned event" or commonly KNOWN time)?

YES... we are spontaneous and we don't know when we'll be in the mood! CHOICE is EASY! Choose ReBuilding Formulation with PREGNENOLONE and Progesterone

NO... my partner and I are RARELY spontaneous (who has time for that!) and we pretty much know it's going to be on Sundays... or Fridays... or whenever. We generally know.


ESTRIOL with Progesterone - ReStoring Formulation OR
PREGNENOLONE with Progesterone - ReBuilding Formulation

Why? Because the ONLY thing you need to think about is... Would you want ANY Estrogen touching your man? We recommend waiting 8 hours after using any vaginal ESTROGEN before having intercourse ... JUST TO KEEP OUR MEN safe!

Now... to be COMPLETELY FAIR...

Never in the use of vaginal Estrogens has there been a single case of a man's estrogen levels reportedly altered from the use of his partner's vaginal estrogen.

But at the same time we want you to be very aware that there are many things we don't fully understand in medicine - and we want to protect our customers from the unknown.  

That is why Pregnenolone with Progesterone is THE choice for all you women out there who are still "foot loose and fancy free".  

Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Bioidenticals. Balanced Gut.


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