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Hormone Library Videos: Getting Started

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Getting Started

By Dr. Leggett


Here is a series of What's-Up and How-To videos designed to help you understand WHAT hormones do in your body, WHY you need to balance your hormones, and HOW to do it, with or without an expensive trip to the Anti-Aging doctor!

We recommend you start with this short series, then move on to the other subjects on the Main Library page.

The internet can be a confusing place when it comes to hormones. Keep in mind that even if you've been reading up on hormones, you may have been given misleading information (marketing stuff), outdated information (from copier/pasters and search engines) or even flat-out wrong information from people who, themselves, are misinformed or relying on old news. Remember the old adage: the only thing worse than no information is bad information!

Every word in these videos is direct from Dr. Leggett and her many years of experience in the world of balancing hormones, so you can count on what you see and hear in this series.


#1: The Number One Secret Most Women Don't Realize



#2: Hot Hormones Start with the Powerful Pituitary



#3: We'd Die Without Our Symphony of Hormones



#4: You Can't Escape Hormone Decline With Age



#5: Cholesterol is the Sex Hormone Stork