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Women's Midlife Specialist Peer Advisory Board


Hi, I'm Jess Bailey. I'm 35 and I'm from Goffstown, NH. I have an amazing husband and 3 amazing littles, 3, 5 and 7. My journey started from when I was in college with GI issues and chronic Lyme disease. Once I had our first child I was diagnosed with melanoma from an existing mole on my scalp. They said they got it all but unfortunately I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma when I was pregnant with our third child. I went through radiation right after I had a radical neck dissection. I developed issues

which led to having a hysterectomy at age 33. Right before I had my daughter I started to lose my hair and after the hysterectomy I started to have hot flashes. I was lucky to have discovered Dr. Karen through my mom. Since then I have been on hormone protect and have seen many positive changes in my life. 


Hello ladies, Jen Bell here. I would like to give you the "ten cent version of me."

I have a BA in communications from UNCW and I attended nursing school at Cabarrus College of Health Services. Unfortunately, I as unable to complete my last two semesters, as I moved out of state and financial reasons prevented it. 

The blessing from that season is the education and training I received helped to prepare me for my current role as caregiver to my 84 year old dad adn my 80 year old momma, who moved to Florida 3 years ago for that very reason. While it can be challenging with health problems, mobility problems, two homes and families, the rewards are priceless and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I lived in 6 states within 8 years of growing up, but Florida was home the longest, and eight years ago became home again! Good thing I have never met a stranger with all that moving!

In my spare time (hahahaha) I love spending time with my amazing husband, we are avid Buccaneers, Lightning and Rays fans! I love to love on my cats and foster dog (FAIL on the horizon), being outside, trying to play music (drums), writing and reading. 

I am a perpetual student that loves to learn, that's one of the many things that not only brought me to Dr. Leggett, but keeps me here as well. She is an amazing teacher, not to mention kind, funny and compassionate, my kind of people!


I am 63, married for 38 years, our daughter works in Denver and our son and daughter-in-law work in Syracuse, NY. We live in Cazenovia, which is a small village new Syracuse. I keep busy with our two rescue dogs and volunteering for our local library. Gardening, both food and flowers, is a great passion of mine and I enjoy sharing the bounty with my neighbors. My husband is a retired High School Art teacher (lifelong Artist) and I worked for P&G Pharmaceuticals for 31 years. I am a licensed Veterinary Technician but never worked for a Vet Clinic, instead taking the lat 13 years coordinating clinical trials' global supplies. Although those were my job descriptions, when look back I realize that the most satisfying part was helping my co-workers learn the many different computer systems that came and went over those decades. Being patient and even-keeled, I was able to take some of the frustration out of the learning curve.

A year ago, I felt like I was aging too rapidly and the number on the bathroom scale refused to go down. Thankfully, I found Women's Midlife Specialist online, started reading Dr. Karen Leggett's articles, and found that it all made so much sense! I tested before starting the bioidentical hormone creams, tested at 6 month mark and again at one year. I don't feel the hip pain as before and definitely have more energy. The weight gain in still a struggle, but I am optimistic that will be addressed in time. I still have a ways to go, but I am so happy with my progress and am thrilled to have found these amazing bioidentical hormone creams and supplements.


I am 57 years old. I live in Virginia in the Chesapeak Bay Area and love the beach, gardening, decorating, music and reading. I study Natural Health and Medicine. I am a certified Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. 

I started out as a nurses aide and I worked in a drug store as an inventory controller as the same time. After getting pregnant with my first child I decided to stay home until she was 3. I operated a house cleaning service part time. I sang in a band on the weekends. My husband became self employed and I worked for him and had my second child. 

Then I got sick. I had contracted giardia from a trip to the mountains. I was sick for 6 months and finally went to see an immune specialist. I has to take Flagyl and Probiotics. I also had a time when I had super low blood sugars and no one knew what was wrong. After helping my father who suffered 15 years with cancer coming in and out of the hospital I caught cDiff. After I was healed from the low blood sugar problems - I then started my own real estate company. I started taking health classes. Natural Health Classes - I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner an a Certified Nutritional Consultant. I heal myself with food, vitamins, herbs and probiotics.

I am now in menopause. I still work like I am 28. I want to heal by hormones. Get Tested. Hae someone read them who cares. Have someone give me good information and help me fix my body and yes my adrenals are weak. I want to learn. I want to teach others and help others. I want to be well. I want to thank Dr. Karen for the gifts of knowledge. I appreciate her. I haven't been able to find anybody local to help me - their scared of hormone balance. I want to achieve it. I am honored to be a part of this group.


Renee has spent over three decades as a nurse serving her community with 25 of those years in emergency/trauma setting.  Seeing the growing burden of chronic disease, she began forging gaps in the understanding of nutritional needs and exercise within the mental health population creating support groups and individual counseling educating both clients and medical professionals.  Obtaining a broader view of chronic disease, she launched her career towards endocrinology and diabetes in 2012 educating in an American Diabetes Association accredited program, also creating needed support groups in local areas.   Renee has been board certified as a diabetes specialist since 2013 and a lifestyle coach since 2014.  Realizing the standards set in our present medical model for chronic disease and nutrition were not impacting the statistics for health, she embarked on creating a science-based, energetic wellness system.

Renee has an honest interest in helping you and your loved ones obtain the best, most energetic health possible!

Menopause was a misery.  I had constant pain in my lower abdomen, very long and  irregular bleeding, subserosal and intauterine fibroids, large Nabothian cysts, fibrocystic breasts, very foggy thinking and very low energy.  I would  go to sleep tired and wake up tired.  I tried  multiple natural remedies with minimal success.  I even resorted to my own industry with no results besides cancer work ups.  Balance came from learning the truth about hormone from Dr. Leggett, appropriate testing and supplementing with her amazing, safe hormones.   Now its time to Thank this learning experience to other women to prevent menopausal distress!



I am 49 years old and live in Orlando. I have 2 kids, my son is 15 and lives with me and my daughter is 19 and lives in Bradenton, FL. I graduated from UCF, work from home and even though I put in a lot of hours in I LOVE WHAT I DO. I was married for 23 years and right in the middle of a good life with kids, big family, vacations and growing business was thrown a curve ball. So what does a 5ft Cuban Woman do but pull up her big girl britches and move on with this great life God gave me. I fought to keep my house for the kids stability and have lived here for 16 years. Love my home, love to cook, I have 2 old Jeeps and LOVE to BE OUTDOORS! My happy place is on the beach, fishing AND camping in our "Shabby Chic" pop up camper. I was fortunate to find a man that has been my partner now for 6 years. He has 3 boys. So together we have 5 kids. He has been an amazing partner in my life! 

We have shared great times as well as big challenges as a blended family but it has been the best years of my life sharing these years with him, learning so much and rediscovering who I am and what I love about life and just doing it. I enjoy everything about health, natural, functional medicine and I am not a fan of Big Pharma! I watched my mother in law pass away at 65 and I believe she had MANY years ahead of her if doctors would not have prescribed so many meds. I think God put the foods and natural things on this earth that were meant to heal. I do believe that all disease starts with inflammation and key is nutrition, gut health and hormone balance. That is why I am so happy to be here with Dr. Karen. This is the good stuff and what EVERY WOMAN should know and how just simple changes in my life with Nutrition & Supplements has helped me manage my weight, increase energy and so far ward off any disease or chronic illness. AND now almost 50 hopefully I will go in more informed and ready for the next phase and do my small part to give back to others!


I am married, 56 years old and Mom to 4 children ages 21 to 30. I retired young after a successful 32 years in the financial world in NYC. I suffered for many years in my late 40's from hives, joint pain, brain fog, insomnia and headaches to name just a few symptoms that appeared out of the blue. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease with co-infections after multiple specialist visits (who chalked it all up to getting old as a woman) over a few years. 

I began my search for healing and continued to navigate my way back to health. My husband and I built the home of our dreams and live in upstate NY now with our 3 dogs. I have an unnatural love of ice cream and reality TV!

I keep myself grounded and in gratitude by volunteering as a crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line and also coach a handful of women navigating the next phase in life. 



I am a CMA and have worked in Family Medicine, Peds, Gynecology and Podietry. I worked with Dr. Christiane Northrup and Marcelle Pick, NP at Women to Women in Yarmouth ME, when they first opened their cutting edge functional women's health practice in 1986. I had suffered 3 miscarriages around that time and they were key in directing me to the right doctor who could help me go on to have 3 healthy, full term, beautiful babies. 

I have or have had gut issues, AF, hormone imbalance, crazy menopausal symptoms, anxiety, depression, debilitating fatigue, been through 2 divorces, custody battles, my second ex-husband is a Malignant Narcissist, I could go on but you get the picture. I have experienced a lot and I feel as though I have been divinely placed, by finding you, to help others. 

My mother suffers from leaky gut ( I believe ) adrenal exhaustion. For the past 10 years or so I have watched her fall to 90 lbs, lose muscle mass, chronic diarrhea, debilitating fatigue, dizziness so bad she passes out. My experience and gained knowledge and wisdom has a purpose. I am ready. 


I am Holly Lancaster, I am 48 years old, I am a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines and I am from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. My story starts in January of 2010, I was 38 years old and received the news that I had stage 2a Triple Negative Breast. I would go through 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 breast/reconstructive surgeries. I came through with flying colors. I really felt like I was doing pretty good considering what I had been through, one of those being my Father unexpectedly passing away during my treatment. 

About a year after this journey, I started feeling and experiencing certain symptoms I had never experienced before. I started researching and looking for answers. I learned that I had gone into a medically induced menopause at the age 40. In many ways , going into a premature menopause can be more intense than say going through it naturally or gradually. But no matter what age, I hope I could help someone and can relate to the intense symptoms that come with hormone imbalance and menopause. I am very vested to help women and glad to be a part of Dr. Karen's Peer Advisory Board.