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Super Secrets to Midlife Weight Loss

Super Secrets to Midlife Weight Loss

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50 pages of my Most Comprehensive, "Step by Step" Functional Medicine Knowledge to Get Your Girlish Figure Back! Inside this Booklet, You'll Discover:


  •  The 3 Hidden Mistakes Women make that pack on belly fat - and the easy solutions to correct them!
  •  The 10 most common scenarios when you are driven to wreck your weight loss efforts - and exactly how to overcome each one!
  •  7 Helpful Tips to get your Adrenals back in sync, cortisol levels balanced and YOU in a position to Lose Weight, Feel Stronger and BE more Vibrant.
  •  The 3 Sex Hormones that Control Your Weight and How You can Balance them for Weight Loss Success
  •  The Exact Labs and Proper Reference Ranges Functional Medical Doctors use to determine the true Health of your Thyroid Function - how to interpret them - and then Optimize your Thyroid Function
  •  How to Consciously OVERPOWER Your Brain's Subconscious Efforts to Sabotage Your Weight Loss 
  •  Exactly When, What, and How Much You Should be Eating 
  •  And SO MUCH MORE!

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